This page lists mobile stores we are doing business with, have done business with and might do business with in the future.   In here you will (soon) find reviews of these stores along with a summary of  what we feel to the highs and lows of each.



Pro’s:  Wide captive customer base,   decent reporting tools, International wire payment
Con’s:  Cant refund purchases, upto 2 weeks to get app published

Visit iTunes


Pro’s:  Excellent control over transactions, ability to refund purchase, almost real-time view of current sales, immediate pubishing of apps. Con’s: Lousy reporting of sales figures, payment to US bank accounts only, allows false and misleadding app reviews to be posted.

Visit Android Market!




Pro’s: Payment to Paypal accounts. Con’s: No control over transactions, No ability to refund purchase, clunky reporting, 3 weeks to publish an app. new app releases are sorted to the end and not the front so no exposure, store response time often very slow, no direct deposits

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