Give your Delphi new life.

Time & money has been invested over the years in your existing Delphi system. It works great and it owes you nothing.

You’ve heard you must re-write to another platform because “Delphi is dead“, but that’s going to be an expensive project, just to get you to where you are today, and before adding any new business functionality.

You don’t need to throw away your code base, migrate it to XE!  


Protect Your Investment.

We can take your existing Delphi system and migrate it to the latest version of Delphi. We can fix any Unicode issues. We can improve existing database performance or migrate to SQL-Server if preferred. We can change the UI of your system and give it a new modern look and feel.

We asked a Florida client what they thought of their migration to XE and got back just three words:   “We love it!”

We’ve migrated over 4 million lines of code and counting to XE!

Delphi gurus live here.

We have an very experienced team of  in-house Delphi developers, some with well over 25 years experience.  Our team can handle absolutely any task, from migrating complex old Delphi Codebases to latest version of XE, through to delivering shiny new XE10 code, really fast and really effectively.

We also have experience with hundreds of Delphi Third-party VCL’s so customers never pay us a learning curve.   Strong database and system integration experience rounds off our amazing technical team.

Maintenance & Support Services.

Has your old Delphi or C++ developer disappeared or are you just looking for some fresh hot hands to help out?

Managed onshore or outsourced to work under your management, we provide affordable programming and maintenance support for all old versions of Delphi through to the latest version of XE and can tailor a plan to exactly meet your needs and budget, big or small.

Ask about our FREE “Discovery” assessment to get started now!

Powerful Cross-Platform Capability

We can finally now build a common, native look and feel UI that works across multiple form factors of mobile phones, tablets, and desktop systems – seamlessly!

From the user interface code through the rest of the complete client software stack, your apps can access platform APIs, device sensors and services, and deliver the best app performance with native GPU and CPU support all from ONE common and shared code base.

FINALLY – Code once and deploy to Windows 10, Android, iOS and OSX !

DBISAM & UniCode Conversions

DBISAM was a great ‘in-memory’ database used extensively in the last decade.   However, this database was unable to support modern Unicode standards and was rewritten into another product years ago.

Customers have been reluctant to move their DBISAM databases to a new, relatively unknown, product and have had us  convert these old databases to either SQL-Server or SQLite.   If you still have a DBISAM database and want it on a modern platform, we can definitely help!

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Moving Delphi to .NET?

If corporate policy requires a .NET solution for your existing Delphi system get delivered we can help. Our senior Delphi developers are also experts in .NET (Web and Winforms) so we can effectively rewrite your system into .NET using your existing system as a functional code reference!   Your final .NET system will not only be affordable, but we can guarantee it will contain the exact flow and business logic you have now.